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Fee: $150 + $30 range fee

Alumni Class

  • Description: Because we recognize the importance of keeping our skills honed and current, we understand that firearms manipulation skills require frequent and regular practice to avoid muscle memory atrophy. We will review the 5-point draw sequence, presentation, attaining sight and flash pictures, as well as work toward increased levels of expertise for speed and accuracy. Prerequisite: demonstrated proficiency in handgun manipulation and/or successful completion of any of the following:  Ladies Only Handgun Self-Defense, Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit, Concealed Carry Handgun & Home Defense.
  • Benefits:
    • Taught by USCCA Certified Professional & a Front Sight Distinguished Graduate
    • Built for those who want to responsibly protect
    • Reinforce previously acquired proficiency skills
    • Gain additional skills and INCREASED CONFIDENCE in handling a firearm
  • Topics:
    • Draw and get hits on target from concealment with time constraints
    • Address malfunctions with time constraints
    • Become knowledgeable and equipped to develop your own practice plan
    • Incorporate movement into shooting drills
    • Learn techniques for shooting from behind concealment and barriers
    • Practice “on the spot decision-making” in shoot/no-shoot situations with and without commands
    • Physical handling, mechanics, carrying, transporting, storage, loading, and unloading of handguns
    • Selecting gear and gadgets
  • Course Requirements:
    • Minimum of 5 hours on the shooting range

o   Shooting proficiency (Celebration!)

Fee: $150 + $30 range fee