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Fee: $210 + $30 range fee + USCCA Book $20 (optional)

Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals (USCCA Training)

  • Description: The goal of this course is to prepare responsibly armed Americans to own or carry a firearm for self-defense.
  • Benefits:
    • Taught by USCCA & Alaska State Certified Professional
    • Qualifies for Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit (optional)
    • Built for Those Who Want to Responsibly Protect
    • Become Your Family’s Ultimate Protector
    • Carry with Confidence
    • Feel More Confident Handling a Firearm
    • Your Journey to Firearms Confidence Starts Here
  • Topics:
    • Alaska laws relating to firearms and the use of deadly force
    • Situational awareness to avoid violent encounters
    • Understand how semi-automatics and revolvers function.
    • Differences between defensive shooting versus marksmanship including proper grip, stance, target alignment, and trigger control
    • Rules for using force, up to and including deadly force
    • Physical and psychological effects experienced during a dynamic critical incident as well as what to expect in the aftermath of a violent encounter
    • Home- and self-defense plan development
    • Physical handling, mechanics, carrying, transporting, storage, loading, and unloading of handguns
    • Selecting gear and gadgets
  • Course Requirements:
    • 12 hours of instruction (classroom and shooting range)
    • Written exam – minimum 70% proficiency
    • Shooting proficiency –
      • 26 rounds (3 yds, 5 yds, 7 yds, 10 yds, 15 yds)
      • 260 points possible – minimum 182 points
  • Fee: $210 + $30 range fee + USCCA Book $20 (optional)