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Fee: $0 + $0 range fee

Alaska Hunter Education(AHE)

  • Description: The Alaska Hunter Education course provides training in firearms safety, wildlife conservation, and respect for our natural resources, landowners, and other hunters. Graduates receive a lifetime certification recognized by all states, Canadian provinces, and Mexico. (
  • Benefits:
    • Meets the Alaska Department of Fish and Game requirement
    • Taught by ADF&G Certified Instructor
  • Topics:
    • Reasons for Hunter Education and Justification for Hunting
    • Safe Firearm Handling
    • Safe Firearm Field Practices
    • Hunting Laws, Regulations and Wildlife Identification
    • Personal Responsibility and Next Steps
  • Course Requirements:
    • Instructor-Led Course OR Online + Field Day
    • Written Exam – minimum score 80%
    • Field Day
    • Live Fire Proficiency Shoot – 20 rounds

Fee: $100 + $30 range fee