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Fee: $210 + $30 range fee


  • Description:This class is intended for Citizen Arms or Majority Arms alumni who want to take their training to the next level. The decision to carry a firearm for self-defense is strengthened by formal training to protect physical, legal, financial, and moral aspects of self-defense. Pre-requisite: successful completion of Alaska Concealed Handgun Permit Class, Ladies Only Handgun Self-Defense, or USCCA Concealed Carry and Home Defense Fundamentals.
  • Benefits:
    • Team taught by a USCCA Certified Professional & a Front Sight Distinguished Graduate
    • Built for those who want to responsibly protect
    • Conceal Carry with confidence
    • Gain skills and confidence in handling a firearm
  • Topics:
    • Draw from concealment with time requirements
    • Alaska laws relating to firearms and the use of deadly force
    • Review basic concepts of the safe and responsible use of handguns
    • Self-defense principles
    • Physical handling, mechanics, carrying, transporting, storage, loading, and unloading of handguns
    • Selecting gear and gadgets
  • Course Requirements:
    • 8 hours of instruction (classroom and shooting range)
    • Limited class size
    • Timed shooting proficiency –
      • 30 rounds (3 yds, 5 yds, 7 yds, 10 yds, 15 yds)
      • 300 points possible – 240 points = Achievement Certificate; 270 points = Distinguished Certificate
  • Fee: $210 + $30 range fee